In the Netherlands 64,500 children collected "Groene Voetstappen" during the European Mobility Week.
They gathered Green Footprints all over the country despite the rain! On Monday September 13th many schools started with a festive kick-off. In many municipalities the pupils offered the gathered footsteps to the Environment alderman at the end of the week.

In Assen for example, thousand primary school pupils collected Green Footprints. Friday, September 17th, a number of children went to the city hall in Assen, where the local junior climate summit took place. The local aldermen Langius received tips and footsteps. Also in Dalfsen, Doorn, Eindhoven, Helmond and Gennep students got together with the alderman to ask for further steps on reduction of greenhouse gas emissions  in their municipality.

Then the pupils get prepared for the national closing event of the Green Footprints Action 2010: On November 29th, in the Public Library of Amsterdam at the Kinderklimaaattop 2010 the total number of footsteps was announced: 939,026 Groene Voetstappen!

On the first day of the UN Climate Summit pupils from throughout the Netherlands made their own climate summit. They examined solutions to the climate problem and presented practical ideas and tips on recycling, renewable energy and energy saving.  A jury including the climate envoy of the Dutch government and the commissioner of the Noord-Holland Province selected the Golden Tip 2010.

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Thanks to all ZOOMers in the Netherlands!