In Jokkmokk, a municipality in Norrbotten County, Province Lapland, 360 pupils from the Östra and the Västra Skolan are participating for the first time.

They collected Green Footprints during a fortnight at the end of September.

The 215 pupils and 28 teachers from Östra skolan collected together 3063 Green Footprints.  

In Västra skolan 154 pupils, 12 teachers  and 43 parents (!) collected 2904 Green Footprints (1129 by bike, 878 on foot, 371 with public transports)

Thanks a lot to all Swedish participnats!

If you want to know more about their action please click here (pdf, 593 kb, in swedish only )

Here you can see some of the pupils on their daily journey to school.