In the first week of October, 21,630 children were participating in the ZOOM-campaign. In the week of Groene Voetstappen, 106 primary schools rewarded their pupils when they come by bike, walking or skateboarding. In addition, children in various Kids Climate Summits presented dozens of ideas for a healthy, climate-friendly society.


The aim of this week was to change the habit of children to be taken to school by car and to be a good example for their parents.  


Further information about the campaign in the Netherlands at facebook and some videos on the Dutch Campaign website, run by run by Klimaatverbond Nederlands


With a lot of outdoor activities the participating schools motivated their pupils to spend more time outside.


As in other coutries, the children can collect stickers with green footprints by walking/cycling to school. And they can collect extra golden stickers by doing something different which reduces CO2-emissions as well, like saving warm water, planting trees, eating less meat and making a deal with adults for saving energy. Some schools are working with the stickers and the booklets, others are using our digital scoreboard so they can see the results online.



During the action week, children are engaged in sustainable mobility, CO2 emissions, climate change and world citizenship. With the ideas they have on these themes, they participate in a competition for the Philip de Roo award. In the first round, the best ideas are selected and the winner will be announced during the National Children's Climate Summit in March 2018.


This is the wonderfull team from Klimaatverbond running the Green Footprint Campaign in the Netherlands - Thanks a lot for so much efforts!