In Austria, where the campaign is running since 2003, there are over 29,000 children in about 250 schools collecting "Klimameilen" so far.


Many of them collect Footprints during 4 weeks!

Further information (only in German) at the  website of Klimab├╝ndnis ├ľsterreich 

These pictures are from a school in Lanzendorf (picutres 1-3)

as well as from Bad Leonfelden, Schiltern and Schwertberg

Participation at Climate Summit in Durban

Employees of two ministries participated in the handover at the climate conference in Durban:


Franz Breitwieser from the Austrian Ministry for Foreign Affairs as well as his colleague   Dr. Helmut Hojesky, Head of Immission Control and Climate Protection at the Lebensministerium participated the handover in Durban.


Mr Hojesky also made a short video statement, that will be available soon.