The Städtische Grundschule Oberstadt (SGO) of the city of Eupen collected Green Footprints with all children from kindergarten and elementary school again:

Our 378 children collected 3602 Green Footprints and had a lot of fun. Unfortunately only the way in the morning was counted so we couldn't gather that many footprints.

Municipality St Vith


There were about 2000 children in over 30 schools around St Vith that have been collecting again in autumn.



Gemeinde Büllingen


In the municipality Büllingen  420 children in  six schools (Büllingen, Honsfeld, Hünningen, Mürringen, Rocherath-Krinkelt and Wirtzfeld) collected enormous 4072 Green Footprints.

Gemeinde Bütgenbach


The Schulschöffe of the municipality of Bütgenbach wrote us:

During the Mobility Week the childrne were all absorbed by the theme Climate Change. Children, teacher, parents and I did all like the project very much! The children learned a lot of little things that all together can help a lot.
We're looking forward to ZOOMing in again in 2014.