1848 children from 14 different schools around the country collected 19,564 Green Footprints/Zelené Kilometry and the children as well as the teachers have greatly enjoyed it.





A lot of the children were very dedicated to collecting green footprints though in some towns and cities the accessibility of the school didn’t enable the children to collect as many footprints as they may have wanted to collect. Collecting Green Footprints became part of educational activities of Auto*Mat’s national campaign Sustainably to school, that is aiming at implementing sustainable ways of transportation into school curriculum.


A kindergarten teacher from Havřice, Uherský Brod:

Beside the Green footprint campaign we are systematically trying to walk with children as much as possible to fight frequent illnesses and support their well-being. By walking we are not only saving money but also our environment.



A short report about the activities in Springtime you can find here (pdf,  2,8 MB)



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