In Hungary Reflex Environmental Association and the Hungarian Climate Alliance, together with further partners, realized the campaign „Kids on the Move for Climate Action 2016” with  great success.

In the activity week, from October10th -14th, 12 987 children from 71 schools ZOOMed in and  collected a total of 100 503 Green Footprints - this is 4 times around the world!


The main topics of the activity week have been sun, drinking water, bird-friendly gardening and reusing.



Beyond collecting green footprints, kids could choose activities from a wide variety of exercises, like creating slogans and logos to promote tap water use, making posters about the importance of solar energy, turning old clothes into something else or creating a bird-friendly schoolyard.  

They tried to figure out how to move for and with the climate and how to motivate further people to join them.


As in previous years, the most popular exercise was the „Climate Picture”:

The students made  a kind of group picture by themselves, showing a living message about climate and Environment.


One of the 'Action for the Environment' was reusing materilas like Jeans, T-Shirts and other cloths.

The kids used them for example for making new handbags and backpacks - aren't they cool?!?!


Many of the participating schools also take part at the ‘Trees of Life’ campaign and ,together with the communities of Hungarian Climate Alliance, planted native trees at their school yards or other public  spaces.