Op Kannerféiss duerch d’Welt 2013
Vill gréng Meilen fänken an dobäi un d’Ëmwelt denken

In Luxembourg the children were in action from the " Rentrée" in September up to the  All Saints' Day Holidays.

The ZOOM Campaign there was directed to schools , kindergartens , day care centers , as well as scouts and youth groups from all municipalities in Luxembourg.
Around 3,000 children in 150 schools /groups from 23 communities of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg were subscribed this year.

For all daily journeys covered on foot, by bus or by bike during the project week the kids got "Gréng Meilen". There were additional bonus miles for actions on "Local Food" and "Energy Saving" .

Especially pupils of upper classes also analyzed the problems in their everyday paths and independently seeked for solutions by developing their own suggestions on local mobilty in "children's traffic reports". Those, taking the interests of children and young people in consideration, are a chance for concrete improvements on the local traffic situation .

Because of the not long ago elections there is no now a new government in Luxembourg.

Therfore the usal handover to their Environmental Minister before the UN Climate Conference had been canceled.

An impression of commitments and demands of the Luxembourger children are given by the shown posters and "Wishprints".