The children from Tecuci, a city in the historical region of Moldavia where ZOOMing 2016 again!

This year there were children from three facilities participating. Together the 490 children collected 13,729 tălpițe verziîn  / Green Footprints and also sent us photographs from their posters footprints and their other actions during their activity weeks.


The children from School "Elena Doamna" were on the run for the 7th time already and made different Posters.

Students from the 1st and 4th grade wrote messages for the climate conference in Marrakesh.

The pupils from 4th grade also composed poems with their wishes and wrote them onto their footprints - two of them can be found in the ZOOM Report 2016.


The ZOOM Kids made fieldtrips to explore their surroundings and to strengthen their physical abilities.


And like real Climate Action Kids they didn't mind the rain cause it is just water!





The children also evented "ECO means of Transportation" - hoping that their ideas will become true one day...


School Anghel Rugina ZOOMed in this year with 54 children from preschool and 151 students from primary school. Together they gathered 7600 green, blue and red footprints.