In Switzerland, 3 classes from Zurich with 19 pupils and a school from Bonstetten (canton Zurich) with 8 classes and 152 pupils have participated.

They collected 814 and 2008 Green Footprints respectively.


The teacher from Rütihof School in Zürich wrote us the following:



"I have eagerly collectes Green Footprints with my 3rd class. The children collected 814 Footprints. During this weeks, the pupils have learned a lot on mobility, local food and energy.

The children wrote their wishes concerning traffic to the traffic engineers in Zurich, the learned food season charts and discussed on the origin of the food they daily consume.

They dealt with different energy sources and wrote minutes on their energy consumption in their daily life, etc. Last week we learned that we won a prize (from the city of Zurich) for participating in the ZOOM Campaign.

I was very happy to worked with the children on this issue. Not at least because of the good and appealing teaching materials that you provided us with!

Thank you very much!"



In Bonstetten the children of the school house Sachenmatten collected 2008 Green Footprints and tinkered many beautiful feet.